Far-Left Crisis?

The collapse of yet another left-wing organization: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

We've been telling you the far-left in America is having a very hard time because most Americans believe they live in a noble country and the far left does not believe that. Now more proof of troubles on the left.

Ultraliberal cover boy George Soros (search) has poured at least $20 million into an organization called America Coming Together (search), which is run by Harold Ickes (search), a close Clinton confidante.

Now that organization is folding, according to an article in The Washington Post. The Soros game plan was to finance and promote liberal candidates and attack conservatives. Soros uses Internet smear sites and sympathetic media people to do his bidding.

But it was America Coming Together that was his showpiece. But apparently that organization has run out of money and is evaporating. Same thing is happening to Air America, which now must pay back almost $900,000 for a dubious loan it got from a youth organization. That radio network cannot support itself because of low ratings. And unless Soros or another liberal sugar daddy steps up, Air America may soon be joining America Coming Together on the scrapheap.

"Talking Points" is thrilled these enterprises are imploding because they're full of character assassins who destroy decent discourse. Karma is a wonderful thing. But we do need responsible voices on the left in this country. -- America is great because legitimate debate sharpens thought and leads to better problem solving.

Although I have severely criticized The L.A. Times, for example, I don't want it to fail. The country needs a responsible newspaper in the nation's second largest city. The changes being made at The Times hopefully will bring a more balanced presentation. The L.A. Times is not in the category of those Soros operations.

There's no question the far left in America is on the verge of collapse. And that's a good thing. Only 10 percent of Americans belong to his category. And it has been marked by a viciousness that is appalling.

The quicker George Soros and his stooges leave the stage, the better. But once again, honest liberal thought is vital to a strong democracy. I'd be worried if there's nothing left but the right.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Most of the time we hear about bear attacks it's in Montana or Alaska, but last month, a bear zipped into a camp site in New Jersey and bit a hiker on the thigh.

Now, there is no truth to the rumor "The Sopranos" dealt with the black bear, but it was tracked down and destroyed by the state wildlife people.

I knew Jersey was wild, but not that wild! -- Might be ridiculous.

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