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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: In the "Mondays with Michelle and Kirsten" segment tonight, an interesting situation. Last week we debated whether Senator Edward Kennedy really wants strict border security since Kennedy and McCain are heading up the immigration bill in the Senate.

Kirsten said Senator Kennedy is tough on border security. I was not convinced; nor was Michelle. A couple of days later the Kennedy people sent us an e-mail about the senator's border security positions, and Kirsten was right. Kirsten was right. They are much tougher than his previous plan. Kennedy now supports fencing but still with not enough manpower, in my opinion.

But a day after getting that e-mail from Kennedy's office, sent directly to us, guess who puts out a press release? The far left outfit Media Matters pretty much duplicating everything Kennedy's office sent to us. So obviously, Kennedy sent that thing to us and shot it over to Media Matters. —Another example of how the left-wing machine is intruding on the most powerful politicians in the country.

Joining us now with reaction, Kirsten Powers in New York and from Washington, Michelle Malkin. I just think it's fascinating that Kennedy's people — and we, of course, will have Kennedy on any time he wants. He doesn't come on the program. But you know, I'll admit I was wrong. I didn't think — his revised plan — it was much tougher than I thought it was.

But they basically, you know, shot it over, and then they gave it right to Media Matters. And the Media Matters people framed it as O'Reilly as a liar. He's a kook, this, that and the other thing. Isn't that interesting to you?

MICHELLE MALKIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It is. And I wouldn't be surprised whatever kind of coordination, if there even was that. You know, whether it's explicit or just the fact that these left-wing sites happen to be on the same ideological page as the mainstream Democratic leadership.

O'REILLY: No, it has to be. The wording was too similar.

MALKIN: And I would warn very much, very strongly that, even though Kirsten may have been right on some of these points, the fact is that you cannot trust Media Matters or any of these connected left-wing sites as honest arbiters of the truth.

In fact, if you've been following the immigration debate closely, you know, there's actually no such thing as the Kennedy bill. Even though it was passed in the Senate, there was no House version that was passed along with it.

And in fact, all of the negotiations that are going on right now between Kennedy's office, the White House, and some of the Republicans is all off the record. It's all behind closed doors. There's nothing on paper.

O'REILLY: OK. But his positions were stated to us. And they're tougher than they were. But I have to — I just want everybody to be very, very, definite on this. The wording was almost exact in the e-mail they sent us, and in the Media Matters press release. Exactly.

Media Matters would have had to have gotten that letter. Because that's how they cribbed it. What do you say?

KIRSTEN POWERS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I'm just still in shock that you said I was right.

O'REILLY: When you're right, it's so seldom I don't say that it much.

POWERS: I know.

O'REILLY: But I will admit that you were right. His position now is a lot tougher than it was, and I was not aware of it. A lot of this going on behind closed doors so I didn't know.

POWERS: OK. So well, I mean, there was the McCain/Kennedy bill, which I think what they were talking about. And I don't really find it to be that strange that it has the same language. Because the language — I did go and look at what Media Matters wrote because I knew we were going to be talking about this.

O'REILLY: Right.

POWERS: And the language is basically what's on Kennedy's Web site. And so the normal thing would be to go look at the transcripts and to look at what's on the web site.

O'REILLY: But then that organization is taking stuff right from his web site, issuing a press release that it's absolutely true.

POWERS: You mean that what Kennedy's saying is true. Yes.

O'REILLY: They're just taking it — they're just taking it and spitting it out with no — you know, what is that? That's propaganda. If you take any politician's web site and spit it out in a press release, it's propaganda.

POWERS: Well, no, because it's part of the bill. I mean, there was a bill.

O'REILLY: It's not part of the bill, because we haven't seen the revised bill.

POWERS: But the bill — there was the bill that was the McCain/Kennedy Bill. It was co-sponsored by Lieberman, by Brownback, by all these other people.

O'REILLY: But there's another bill now, because this failed. All right. I'm bored with this already.

Now Michelle did some good work on this guy, Acorn, Eichorn. What corn is this guy? Icahn?


O'REILLY: Well, who is he and what did you do to him?

MALKIN: He's one of the most popular rappers in America right now. He's always at the top of the Billboard hot rap charts and the pop charts. He has been for the last year practically.

And over the last several weeks there's been a story bubbling in the local press in Trinidad, of all places. Last month he had performed there. He pulled a 15-year-old girl, a minor, up on stage, and acted in a very lewd and lascivious minor with this girl.

O'REILLY: We just saw a little clip of that.

MALKIN: And this is fairly standard stuff for him. But it was shocking to the people in Trinidad. There's now an investigation underway there. A lot of the government officials are very upset with this. And it has been kept on the low down. This has not broken into the mainstream press. But a lot of conservative women critics who have been following this have been on it, and along with columnist Debbie Schlussel and radio talk show host, our friend Laura Ingraham and I, we called attention to this video and asked corporations to take some responsibility for sponsoring this guy.

Well, on Friday afternoon Verizon Wireless, which had been hosting this guy's ring tones and a lot of his audio — very explicit lyrics and songs, decided that they didn't want to be associated with him any more and announced that they were not going to carry the ring tones and announced that they were dropping their sponsorship of a concert that featured Akon.

O'REILLY: Well, good for you. I mean, we did the same thing with Ludacris and Pepsi. And these guys have to be held to account. You don't have any problem with what Michelle and I did with the Ludacris thing. If corporate America is going to reward this kind of behavior, I mean, corporate America has to be held accountable.

POWERS: Yes, no, I think it's wonderful. I think it's great. And you know, and I think that we saw everything that happened with Don Imus and where there was all this pressure put on, you know, the people who hired him to fire him. And you see the same thing happening where, with these rappers who, frankly, are doing far worse, saying far worse things that are spoken to children.

O'REILLY: Do you have any Acorn records?

POWERS: I've never even heard of Akon before. I'm sorry.

MALKIN: Not on her iPod that's great. Not on yours either, O'Reilly.

O'REILLY: You know, I didn't know who Akon was. But I'm glad you got him.

Ladies, thanks very much. We appreciate it.

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