Falling Stars

I've seen it happen so many times. Big people. Big muckety-mucks. Always quoted. Always followed. Then they retire. And suddenly they're not so big, not so quoted, not so followed. And in the end, probably, not so happy.

One really big, big guy I recently talked to can't believe it. When he was running the show, he was quite a show. But now no one really cares.

And what's worse, even the people who praised him aren't praising him now. He's not as popular now. Not as revered now. So they're dumping on him now.

Maybe he wasn't so hot. Maybe he wasn't such a big deal. Maybe he had no magic, after all. He's not invited to as many dinners.

Journalists don't call him up to get his global perspective. So he sits, and he stews. And he wonders...how can this have happened?

I'll tell you how, my friend. Human nature.

We're drawn to stars when they shine. Less so, when they don't. It sounds trite, and it's something you don't pick up with an MBA. But value those who are with you when you're not a star. Not those who swore they wouldn't leave you ...when you were.

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