A magazine writer agreed Monday to be returned to New York City to face charges of breaking into a woman's apartment while disguised as a firefighter and sexually abusing her for hours.

Peter Braunstein, 41, appeared without a lawyer at a brief court hearing and agreed not to fight extradition, prosecutor Tom Henderson said.

The Manhattan district attorney's office said Braunstein, accompanied by detectives, was expected to arrive late Monday and be arraigned soon afterward. He had been on the run for six weeks.

Braunstein, a freelance fashion writer for New York publications, was arrested Friday while walking across the University of Memphis campus. Authorities said he stabbed himself in the neck with a knife several times while being arrested, but Henderson said he showed no signs of serious injury or emotional distress.

To expedite his return, Memphis authorities dropped assault charges against Braunstein. He had been charged with brandishing a knife during his arrest in Memphis.

Braunstein faces sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery charges in New York. He is accused of breaking into a woman's apartment on Halloween while dressed as a city firefighter. Authorities say the woman was overpowered, tied up and sexually assaulted for up to 12 hours.

The attack drew heavy media coverage in New York and Braunstein was featured on the national TV show "America's Most Wanted."

Braunstein was spotted by a university office worker who recognized him from TV reports.