'Fair and Balanced' Means Fair to All

Many critics of my George Soros interview.

Among the most hurtful, those who vow never to watch me again because of it.

Trust me, many of Soros' points are extreme, and personally, I couldn't disagree with him more about what he calls the futility of the War on Terror.

Still, it is his right to say it, and my duty to question it and debate it.

I regret those of you who are leaving now, based on a single interview now.

If you're looking for me to rant, and my interviewee to listen — you're right, wrong show.

If you want me to pontificate and point and my guest to sit and stew, you're right — wrong show.

If you want me to stay fair and balanced to all sides, but whack me when it so happens not to be your side, you're right — wrong show.

And if you're angry with me for doing the very thing you say the traditional media does not — hear the other side, you're again right — wrong show.

Fair and balanced means fair to all and to all points of view.

If you want a screamer, I'm not your guy.

If you want a ranter, I'm not your guy.

If you're looking for a got-ya, I hate to disappoint 'ya.

Because this is not your show.

I very much value your viewership.

That's why I won't compromise my standards to curry it.

Not because I deserve better — but because you do.

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