Factual Errors Being Found?

And now the most captivating two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

Factual Errors Being Found?

Sales of former Clinton and Bush (search) aide Richard Clarke's (search) new book -- which characterizes President Bush as weak on terrorism -- are growing, but so too are its documented factual errors.

For example, Clarke says author Laurie Mylroie was wrong to assert that a suspect in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was -- "lounging at the right hand of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad" in the years after the bombing. Clarke says the suspect was actually in a U.S. jail at the time.

But author Edward Jay Epstein, after an investigation, concludes that Mylroie never said any such thing. In addition, Clarke says that at a White House meeting one week before the 9/11 atrocities -- "[Defense Secretary] Rumsfeld, who looked distracted throughout the session, took the ... line that there were other terrorist concerns [besides al Qaeda], like Iraq."

Problem is, Rumsfeld says he was never at that meeting, and old news accounts also indicate he wasn't there.

Condoleezza on the Criticism

Speaking of Clarke, in a 36-minute interview for CBS's "60 Minutes" over the weekend, Condoleezza Rice addressed his criticism and explained why she won't testify under oath in public.

Rice noted she has already spent four hours in private answering the 9/11 commission's questions. And she said terrorism was considered -- "urgent enough" for the president to meet with CIA director George Tenet on that issue 46 times before 9/11 and for her to ask administration officials -- including Clarke -- to get started on securing the homeland months before 9/11. But none of that was included in the 12-minute segment on "60 Minutes" last night.

Plane Plan

A new report says that two years before the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 (search) over Lockerbie, Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi tried to blow up an even more crowded Pan Am jet over Israel and crash it in Tel Aviv.

According to London's Sunday Times -- a Fox News sister publication -- Qaddafi hired a group of Palestinian terrorists to hijack a jumbo jet leaving Karachi, Pakistan, but the jet's pilot escaped out of an emergency exit before it could take off. Pakistani forces then stormed the plane, capturing all of the terrorists.

Protest Pointers

The BBC has posted a -- "how to organize a protest" guide on its Web site, outlining how to gather support for a protest, how to comply with laws governing a protest, and how to decide where and when to have a protest. Among other recommendations, the BBC says -- "It is better to organize public protests on shopping days or holidays than on workdays, when passers-by will have less time to pay attention."

But, the BBC warns, -- "[A protest] may not be the right way to make your point ... and you may put people off."

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report