Facing Reality: Choice

Abortion: It's one of the most controversial issues in America, and one of the most agonizing decisions a woman can face.

It's also a hard topic to talk about, and most FOX News viewers know both sides of the debate. In an upcoming special, "Facing Reality: Choice," FOX News will look at the issue from a different angle. In this hour, there are no experts and no politicians, only three women telling their very personal stories. And unlike anything that’s been seen on cable news, FOX takes the cameras inside a procedure room during an abortion. This hour is raw, emotionally gripping and very real.

You'll meet:

Watch the special, the first in a series, on October 27 at 9pm / 12 mid ET to find out what choices these women make. Before you tune in, tell us your thoughts: What advice would you give to each of these women? In what situations, if any, do you think abortion is an acceptable choice? E-mail us and join the discussion!

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