Facing Reality

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Manhattan Democrats (search) were in a state of shock the morning after the election. They were convinced that most Americans hated Bush as much as they did. Well now that reality has set in, The New York Observer, a weekly newspaper devoted primarily to Bush-bashing during the campaign, has come out with some reality checks for Democrats who don’t plan on hiding in a closet for the next four years.

  • Reality Check No. 1: “Bush is not an idiot … If Bush is an idiot and he has beaten us twice, what does that make us?”
  • Reality Check No. 2: " Kofi Annan ( search) is not an oracle ... Mr. Annan is against taking any action against Falluja, without offering any viable alternative—probably because there isn’t one.”
  • Reality check No. 3: " Michael Moore ( search) is not a working-class hero ... He doesn’t seem to entertain the possibility that an honest-to-God, respectable, working-class American might also be a true-blue conservative ... the Democrats are on God knows what cycle of fighting a class war that is of no interest to the class on whose behalf it is supposedly being fought.”
  • Reality Check No. 4: "Women are not ovaries with feet ... It is time to shed the notion that politicians who are 100 percent for abortion rights are good for women, regardless of what else they favor. ”
  • Reality Check No. 5: "To be an American is not an embarrassment ... The United States just had a hugely contentious, hyper-democratic election in which many people voted, nobody got killed, and the day happened to be carried by the other side. And what is the chic line for Democrats to take as a result? ‘I’m moving to France.’”

So says the New York Observer.

And that’s the Asman Observer.

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