Face Transplant Recipient Forgives Husband for Shooting Her

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The woman who had the nation's first face transplant says it was the smell of soap that made her realize her new face was working.

Connie Culp also says she still thinks about how she looked before her husband shot her in a failed murder-suicide in 2004.

In an interview Friday with ABC's "Good Morning America," the 46-year-old Unionport, Ohio, woman said she forgives her husband, who went to prison for seven years. The blast shattered her nose, cheeks, the roof of her mouth and an eye.

Culp says she now feels great walking down the street.

She came forward this week at a news conference at the Cleveland Clinic, where doctors in December replaced 80 percent of her face with bone, muscles, nerves, skin and blood vessels from a woman who had died.

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Click to see more pictures of Culp before and after surgery.

Cleveland Clinic: www.clevelandclinic.org/face