Eye of the Beholder

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Eye of the Beholder

People in Washington seemed to take the tighter security surrounding the inauguration in stride and found comfort in the extra men and women assigned to keep everyone safe. But apparently not on ABC News.

Commentator George Will (search) said the extra motorcade security, "looked like a military occupation" and made Washington look like "a banana republic."

High Anxiety

There was an anxious moment for the news media Thursday while the president walked to lunch in the Capitol (search).

As Mr. Bush and his congressional escorts passed through the Rotunda under the watchful eye of television cameras, the picture suddenly went blank. Although it came back quickly, reporters worried about a massive power failure, or worse.

Well, it turns out the problem was much simpler: some Verizon technicians working in a trailer plugged in their microwave to make some popcorn and overloaded the circuits.

No word if it was buttered, or plain.