Experiencing Near Death

A massive car pileup in northwest Georgia today involved nearly 100 vehicles.

At least four were killed. 35 injured — some critically.

Heavy fog is getting the blame. And all this at a time most of these folks were just getting off to work, getting ready to put in another day.

It got me thinking, what if you thought you were going to die any second? What would you do? What would you be thinking?

Sue Shellenbarger was forced to ask that very question.

In a beautifully written and powerful column in the Wall Street Journal this week, Ms. Shellenbarger recounts her near-death experience while travelling on an interstate highway.

She was trying to pass an 18-wheeler, when all of a sudden she saw a car speeding toward her on the wrong side of that highway — her side of the highway.

Thank God, the truck driver saw what was happening. He moved over as far as he could to the right to allow her to get out of that car's way.

Ms. Shellenbarger survived. But her near-death experience prompted some real soul-searching.

Then and there she decided to make time for more aimless talks with her daughter and to plan the vacation her family had always wanted.

She recounts as well friends with similar experiences doing the same thing.

There's the guy who beat a major illness and decided to slow down and move his family out to the country.

Or the employees at a factory, who were so stunned by the accidental deaths of two workers' family members that they built a garden near their office for people to reflect.

Sometimes it's a good thing in life to think of death to put the big things in perspective. Sometimes all it takes are the lights of a car coming right at you. Other times a major illness.

But it gets you thinking. The trick isn't knowing you're going to die. But doing your best to be your best, before you do.

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