Exotic Animal Farm Owner Dies After 1,800-Pound Camel Sits on Her

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The owner of an exotic animal farm has died after being kicked and then sat on by a 1,800-pound camel.

Cathie Ake and the 4-year-old camel were being filmed by a local television station on Sunday when the camel kicked her and sat on her during a break in filming. The station was doing a story on Mini-Akers Exotic Animals, the farm Ake owned with her husband.

Ake's husband, Donnie Ake, said he thinks Polo, the camel, was agitated by mating season.

He said he would find a new home for Polo, which they bought three weeks ago, The News Herald of Panama City reported Tuesday.

"My wife did a lot of rescue," Donnie Ake said. "She wouldn't let an animal suffer."

A deputy and paramedics moved the camel and recovered Ake's body.

"To be honest with you, I don't think there's much that she could have done," said Gulf County Sheriff Dalton Upchurch.