Former "Survivor" contestant Jonny Fairplay filed a police report Wednesday, alleging that Danny Bonaduce threw him and knocked out his teeth during an awards show.

The battery report was taken by police shortly before 2 a.m. at a Hollywood hospital where Fairplay was treated and released, Officer April Harding said.

"He had one tooth broken, another tooth missing from his gum line and two other teeth that were loose," she said.

Video: Danny Bonaduce Slams Fairplay at Really Awards

The report, which listed Fairplay under his birth name of Jon Dalton, 33, said the reality show contestant was at an awards event when Bonaduce walked onto the stage without invitation and made a "derogatory statement" to Fairplay, Harding said.

"Dalton said he went to hug him and then when he did that, Bonaduce ... threw him over his shoulder ... and Dalton fell to the ground," Harding said.

"The investigation's in its initial phase. Currently we don't have any plans to arrest Bonaduce," she said.

Fairplay, a wrestler and reality show contestant, came in third on the 2003 CBS show "Survivor: Pearl Islands" but was roundly condemned by viewers for concocting a lie that his grandmother was dead to win sympathy from competitors.

Bonaduce, the center of the 2005 reality show "Breaking Bonaduce" that detailed his efforts to repair his marriage and recover from alcohol and other problems, most recently has been co-hosting Adam Carolla's radio show.

The incident took place during the Fox Reality Really Channel awards, which were being held at a nightclub on Sunset Boulevard. (They air 10 p.m. Oct. 13.) A videotape that aired on TMZ.com showed some audience members booing Fairplay, who was on stage as a presenter.

"Are you guys really booing?" Fairplay asked.

Bonaduce then comes onto the stage.

"They're booing 'cause they hate you" he said.

"That's a good thing, right?" a smiling Fairplay responded.

As Bonaduce walked away, Fairplay called after him. Then, still holding a microphone and with a look at the audience, he backed up and leaped onto Bonaduce, wriggling his legs. Bonaduce held him for a moment and then heaved him up over his head.

The 48-year-old Bonaduce, who first became a star at age 10 on "The Partridge Family," told TMZ that Fairplay "started to throttle me" and he threw him to stop the attack.

"I'm sorry he got hurt," he said.

However, Fairplay told TMZ he was giving Bonaduce a hug — one of his signature moves as a performer.

"It's a nice thing," he said.

Bonaduce "threw me over his head as hard as he could. ... I just went, like, mouth first into the stage," he said.

"It knocked one tooth out and then it moved three others ... there's like floating bones. One tooth is, like, shattered eight times. There's like eight breaks," Fairplay said.

Fairplay said he underwent 2 1/2 hours of dental surgery and needs additional work.

Asked if he had any last words to say to Bonaduce, he replied: "You're mean."