Nothing like a bad economy to give you cover.

For maybe $50 billion in auto industry relief.

Maybe 300 billion for more stimulus relief.

Maybe a full moratorium on mortgage foreclosures.

Moratorium length unknown.

Moratorium cost unknown.

Lots of things unknown.

This much is known.

It's adding up, because they're piling on.

Democrats emboldened by big wins this year, focusing on major program spending next year.

And not wasting a nanosecond to get things rolling this year.

It would be easy to blame just Democrats.

But it would be wrong.

Republicans are no strangers to signing onto huge bailouts and financial rescues.

Though isn't it curious that seven of the eight Republican senators who did not got re-elected?

They were the exceptions to their own party's drunken spending rule then.

All I'm saying is this is out of control now.

The costs. The programs. The me-too's.

Too much.

Everyone wants in. Not a one figuring how we're going to pay it all out.

They're not saying.

But I am.

Taxes are going up.

A lot. And not just for a few.

I suspect when Washington has belched and backed up from this trough, it will only then face the tab for the slop in its belly.

And it will realize taxing the upper two percent won't pay for that slop.

Or the upper two percent.

Or even the upper five percent.

It will figure it will have to dig deeper, lower, to tax higher.

Much higher.

There is another alternative, of course.

Empty the trough.

Stop the slop.

And quit paying for more slop.

No, that'd be too easy, but politically too hard.

After all, Republicans couldn't do it when they said they would.

Why should Democrats try it when they promised, they wouldn't?

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