Everybody Wants To Be on Broadway

Everybody wants to be on Broadway in the bright Times Square glare of The Foxlight.

A musical based on Boy George's life opened in London this week. It's called Taboo and follows him from a budding pop star, through his success, heroin addiction and finally his discovery of Eastern spirituality. One reviewer calls it "a rather ho-hum, straight love story." Straight? That would be news.

If you think that's a strange musical, how about this? Minnesota Governor and former wrestler Jesse Ventura is helping to shape the script and songs for a planned Broadway musical about his life, the governor's office said Wednesday. It's working title? The Body Ventura.

But wait, there's more. And "Yo" won't believe it. That's right, they're actually talking about Rocky: The Musical. "I gotta drink this dozen eggs, I gotta run up these big stairs in Philly, I gotta wack this other guy senseless, yo, yo, yo." Yeah, that sings.