I think every administration has its villains.

Ronald Reagan had his evil Soviet empire.

President Bush his own Axis of Evil.

This president? In a word, business. Not all businesses, but it seems most big businesses. The ones who make money — or try to.

So creditors who've lost billions in Chrysler and are leery of losing more? They're villains. The company they're not interested in losing more to? Not villains.

Huge multi-national companies that hire workers abroad and get tax breaks here? Villains. Sick companies like Chrysler being pushed into a foreign automaker's hands on taxpayers' dime, no less? Not villains.

The president wants to limit U.S. companies' ability to defer paying U.S. taxes on offshore earnings, so they can grow and remain viable. But wholeheartedly endorses spending billions in U.S. taxpayer dollars seeking effective control of a U.S. auto giant to an Italian concern on the slim, dare I say, remote chance, it can be viable.

No wonder so many business leaders are anxious. Not greedy bankers who took millions in bonuses for running their companies into the ground and had it coming. The many more bankers, who avoided this fate, you don't hear about who did not.

Yet it's easier to lump them together, I guess. All bankers are fat cats. All brokers are clueless. All those who try to remain viable here by expanding there are evil here and there.

I guess I could see all this if there was anything remotely consistent in any of this. But it's hard for companies to be saintly when they're being lectured by a president who prefers acting like Sybil:

Blasting Wall Street one day; embracing it the next.

Vilifying CEOs one day; coddling them the next.

Ripping companies that dare look for tax breaks after paying billions; praising efforts to save losing ones, even if it means our spending billions more.

It's not corporate America that needs straightening out. Just straight and consistent talk from the guy who claims he is.

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