Evaluating What's Important in the Face of Disaster

So let's say it was your home in the path of these fires in Southern California (search).

You're watching everything you own about to go up in smoke.

Precious few minutes to decide what to take.

What would you take?

It's all everyone is talking about here in California.

And it's come up on my book tour here as well.

One radio talk show host telling me she'd probably take a change of clothing and a precious heirloom from her grandmother.

"Anything else?" I asked.

No, that's it.

It's funny when everything hits the fan, most of us wouldn't bother taking the fan.

Maybe some pictures. Maybe some precious mementos.

But you know what?

Not one person said they'd take the DVD player.

Or the plasma screen TV, if they had one.

No one mentioned the Cuisinart.

Or any art, for that matter.

Just their loved ones and something that reflects loving memories.

That's it. That's all.

The stuff that matters.

Not, in the end, the material things, that do not.

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