Environmental Protection Agency Analyst Defends Controversial Climate Change Report

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GLENN BECK, HOST: It's California! There's not going to be any new oil production. Geez, the insanity just doesn't end!

Democrats state that global warming is a fact. Wait until — in a few minutes, I'm going to tell you about this. This is what the state of New Jersey is spending money on. This — I'm telling you, if you're anemic, go away from the television, because you'll have — you'll pass out. Blood will be shooting out of your eyes in about 10 minutes.

The information that our government has at their fingertips, is it real even? They dismissed an analyst's report questioning the science behind global warming.

Dr. Alan Carlin, he's a senior operations research analysis or analyst for the Environmental Protection Agency. He joins me now. He's the author of the — how are you, sir? He is the author of the report that has been suppressed.

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OK. I want to show you a couple of charts and you just explain. This is what they didn't want you to put out. So what is this?

ALAN CARLIN, SR. OPERATIONS RESEARCH ANALYST, EPA: This is one of quite a few charts in the report, and I must emphasize that I'm speaking only for myself .

BECK: Sure.

CARLIN: . and not for .


CARLIN: . the EPA.

BECK: Yes, I got it. So what is the green line?

CARLIN: OK. The green line is what we call the ambient level of carbon dioxide in the air.

BECK: OK. So, this is — this .

CARLIN: That is how much is already up there .


CARLIN: . as a .

BECK: A poison that will kill us all.

CARLIN: Right.

BECK: So, it's something like a, it's all going — it's going up. Then?

CARLIN: It's going up. So, one would assume if the so-called AGW hypothesis is correct, that you would think temperatures would be going up, too.

BECK: Right.

CARLIN: Right?

BECK: Right.

CARLIN: So, here are the temperatures from 2002 until 2008.

BECK: And they're both going down.

CARLIN: And a little beyond. And the upper line is taken from what are called service station monitors.

BECK: Right.

CARLIN: The normal thermometer that you go out and read .

BECK: Right.

CARLIN: . with certain safeguards.

BECK: Right.

CARLIN: And the bottom line is based on satellite measurements.

BECK: OK. So, they're both going down. Now, show me the — show me the next slide here.


BECK: This one — this one is going to drive you out of your mind. Wait until you see this one. All right.


BECK: This is the temperature, right? These are the .

CARLIN: Right.

BECK: What are these?

CARLIN: The green and blue are the surface station and the .

BECK: That we just saw.

CARLIN: . satellite.

BECK: Got it.

CARLIN: And these up here are three of the models that are used by the United Nations to predict or .

BECK: This is all the polar bears die around here, right? This is what the — this is what the U.N. is saying is going to happen to us.

CARLIN: Right.

BECK: OK. Three different models, and the U.N. says they're all going to do that.

CARLIN: Right. Now .

BECK: And the yellow line is what?

CARLIN: The yellow line is not worth discussing, frankly, because it's what the U.N. claims would happen if we did everything that they think we should do.

BECK: It would be solid. It would be straight across the screen.

CARLIN: Right.

BECK: And, this is, again?

CARLIN: And the important thing to notice is that temperatures seem to be going down. The question is, gee, how could that be?

BECK: Well, it's — well, don't ask any more questions.


BECK: Doctor, don't ask any more question. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

CARLIN: Thank you.

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