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Hill's Run for President?
A new poll out today shows 58 percent of New Yorkers hope New York Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton never runs for president.

Moreover, the Marist College Institute poll shows that if the 2006 elections for the U.S. senate were held today, only 39 percent of New Yorkers would back Clinton while 56 percent say they would favor former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani (search).

And a new FOX News opinion poll out today shows only 44 percent of Americans think of Clinton favorably, with 47 percent thinking of her unfavorably.

Going Back in Times?
The Pulitzer Prize Board says it is now beginning an "appropriate and serious review" of whether it should revoke the award given to New York Times reporter Walter Duranty (search) back in 1932.

Duranty's famously pro-Stalin reports denied and even covered-up a famine stretching across the Ukraine during the early 1930s that ultimately killed millions.
A Pulitzer Prize Board spokesman tells The Ukrainian Weekly, published in New Jersey, that recent problems at the New York Times have sparked an international blitz of thousands of letters and e-mails to the Pulitzer Prize Board (search) urging the revocation of Duranty's Prize.

This would be the first Pulitzer Prize ever revoked in its 86-year history.

Enforcement Reinforcement
The National Taxpayers Union (search) has sent a letter to leaders of the Senate and House asking them to start enforcing a law that hasn't been enforced since 1914.

The law requires that members of Congress not be paid for workdays missed due to campaigning or other unexcused absences.

The Hill newspaper notes this would mean many of the Democratic presidential candidates, such as Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt (search) -- who has missed 85 percent of this year's House votes -- might have to pay back thousands of dollars.

National Taxpayers Union president John Berthoud says: "If most Americans took off work to look for another job, they wouldn't be paid. Why should members of Congress?"

Artistic Alterations
A new mural planned for the commons at the University of California at Riverside will be finally be finished after the artist agreed to some changes demanded by the student Senate.

Those Shakespearean actors he'd included will be altered because a school official said they looked like pilgrim invaders.

White cranes will be made into different colored cranes, and one more thing -- after complaints the mural contained no same-sex couples, the artist agreed to fix that too.