So in Eminem's new video, he's in the sack with a Sarah Palin clone when he breaks wind.

How edgy.

How in your face.

Way to speak truth to power — even if it's from your ass.

But what do you expect from a white, balding rapper about to hit 40 and desperately clinging to any shred of relevance — not unlike his white, balding fans already over forty desperately clinging to jobs in telemarketing.

So is it any wonder he's reheating year old material from Bill Maher, which wasn't even funny then?

Speaking of which, it's amazing what is funny these days. Maher jokes about our troops raping foreign citizens and no one blinks. Meanwhile, in Vanity Fair, Henry Rollins, the rube who thinks himself a rebel, tells Glenn Beck fans not to breed — a joke that's as lame as his poetry. Seriously, the real genius of Rollins is getting all those goateed IT employees and their frustrated girlfriends to buy his fifth-grade verse.

My apologies to the fifth graders.

And the girlfriends.

See, there's nothing brave or interesting about Eminem nailing Palin. He did it because it matches the mindset of the media.

It's as edgy as a potato.

For real edge, he should have had Michelle Obama, not Palin, in the sack. But that would take balls and Eminem only has boobs.

Perhaps Eminem should have just avoided politics altogether and had his mom under the covers instead.

After all, he's been screwing her for years.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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