Elvis Makes the Most Cash From Beyond the Grave

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Elvis Presley (search) tops the annual Forbes list of celebrities who are the top moneymakers from beyond the grave. The singer, who died in 1977, made an estimated $45 million in the past year.

Cartoonist Charles Schulz (search) (2000) is next on the list with $35 million, followed by musician John Lennon (1980), who raked in $22 million.

Artist Andy Warhol's (1987) take was $16 million, "Cat in the Hat" author Dr. Seuss (search) (search)(1991) made $10 million, followed by actor Marlon Brando (2004) with $9 million.

Actress Marilyn Monroe (search) (1962) and "Lord of the Rings" author J.R.R. Tolkien (1973) are tied with $8 million apiece. George Harrison (2001), Johnny Cash (search) (2003), and Irving Berlin (1989) finished in a three-way tie, with each musician bringing in $7 million.