Election Etiquette

I received many e-mails regarding the election and voting process. Here are some of your responses:

E-mail No. 1

My husband went to vote today at our local precinct. He was told that he could not vote there and was directed to go to our old precinct where we lived two years ago. Mine was correct. We moved two years ago and changed our driver’s license and registered to vote at that time. This could cost Max Burns votes. I hope he doesn’t lose the election. We filed a complaint with the state GOP.
Jennifer Savannah, GA

E-mail No. 2

I was the first to vote at my polling place (Leavenworth, Kansas) this morning. As expected, the three electronic machines were not operating. To their credit, the poll workers instantly gave us a good old-fashioned ballot where you color in the oval next to the candidate's name. The hippy monitoring the process was a sight to behold.

Kendall, Leavenworth, KS

E-mail No. 3

When my daughter and I went to vote I asked the poll workers if they were trained adequately. I asked how the new machines where working. They each said they were trained and felt they understood the mechanics of the new machines and there had been no errors as of the time I voted. The worst mistake I saw was that there were so many unopposed candidates.
Deb Williamstown, WV

E-mail No. 4

My wife and I voted early yesterday using the new electronic voting machines. Man, it went great! In my humble opinion if anyone cannot figure out how to use one of these machines they shouldn’t even be voting! The machines we used gave you two options to review, go back, and change your vote if you so wished. I really do not understand why some are so opposed to change.
Don Batesville, AR

Voting Violence
Stressed out at the polls? The last thing you need is someone telling you what to do — then choking you! This is exactly what one Louisville, KY, voter had to deal with yesterday morning. William Miller was allegedly choked and then pushed out the door of his voting site by poll worker Jeffery Steitz. Why? The scuffle started after Miller refused to vote for a judicial candidate and says Steitz insisted he had to. When Miller refused to vote for either candidate, claiming he did not know enough about either individual to make an educated decision, Steitz reportedly grabbed him by the neck and threw Miller out. So much for being a conscientious voter.

Green Jeans
Ever wonder what became of those acid-washed jeans you finally got around to donating? Maybe they ended up going to Yale. That’s right, Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, CT, used shredded blue jeans as insulation in the walls at two of their research labs. The newly-renovated labs were refurbished using “green” materials such as recycled blue jeans. The school used these environmentally-friendly building materials to gain points from the U.S. Green Building Council. It is an attempt by Yale to show that it is serious about environmental thinking. “These are not crazy ideas,” they are simply “old ideas being reborn,” commented Barry Svigals, a Yale graduate and founder of the firm that renovated Yale’s labs.

Canine Crackdown
Dog owners in Beijing, China, may be forced to choose which of their beloved dogs to keep. In an effort to stamp out rabies, Beijing authorities ordered a one-dog-per-household restriction. Rabies is a growing problem in China, averaging about 2,600 deaths a year, and this is an attempt to get a handle on the problem. Sound familiar? China has already limited urban couples to one child, now they can only have one dog!

Vaccination Band-aids
This is good news for kids (and adults) everywhere! Soon vaccinations could be administered through skin patches instead of scary needles! The patch is still undergoing human testing, but the hope is that the patches will improve not only the experience of getting a vaccination, but also the vaccine’s effectiveness. The patches would contain a lower dose of the vaccine, would not need refrigeration, and would eliminate the risk of reused needles. Sounds great right? No more painful shots! But the question is, will people go for it? Or are people willing to take the pain of a regular intravenous vaccination to guarantee their protection? I think I know a few kids who would be willing to risk it to avoid the needle!

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