Elderly Oregon Woman Stuck in Bathtub Waits 5 Days for Rescue

An elderly woman survived a harrowing ordeal after becoming trapped in her bathtub and waiting five days before help arrived on Saturday, FOX 12 in Oregon reported.

The Beaverton, Ore., woman lives alone at Westbury Apartments, and was only rescued after her daughter, who lives out of the area, hadn’t heard from her in several days. The unidentified woman’s daughter called the apartment manager, who had maintenance workers break the lock on the apartment door, FOX 12 reported.

The workers found the woman crying out from her bathtub. Her neighbor, Ryan Green, told FOX 12 he often helps her when she struggles to get up and down the stairs, but never thought she would get stuck in her tub.

"I don't know how anyone could get on for five days like that," Green told FOX 12. "Did she grab a towel to keep herself warm? I mean, can you imagine, five days, sitting in a tub?"

Green told FOX 12 that he always knew his neighbor was tough but is still surprised she survived for five days in that predicament.

The woman was taken to Providence Hospital. There is no word on her condition.

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