Ecology Begins at Home

The terror attacks in London knocked some wind out of the sails of European global warming (search) activists.

They wanted to turn the G-8 meeting in Scotland into an attack on the way we live here in the states. They think they're cleaner than we are because they've signed on to the Kyoto Protocol (search), which mandates reductions in carbon fuel emissions.

But the Kyoto worshippers are a bunch of hypocrites. Turns out for all their talk about cleaning up their environment, European signers of Kyoto have been getting dirtier. Greenhouse gas emissions for Europeans increased by 1.5 percent last year. Under Kyoto these emissions are supposed to go down 8 percent by 2012. Whoops! (Source: The Washington Post)

And it's not just the air. When I was growing up in Washington, D.C., the Potomac River (search) was so polluted you could practically walk on it. Today, folks are jet skiing on the Potomac. Same thing has happened in New York's Hudson River (search). Meanwhile the Thames, the river that runs through London, is more choked with sludge and pollution than ever.

So the message to the pious Euro crowd that waves around the Kyoto Protocol while keeping things as stinky as ever: Ecology begins at home. Clean up your own act before you start lecturing us about ours.

And that's the Observer.

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