Earth to NASA: Fire Someone!

Could someone please tell me what is the deal with the space shuttle and these tiles?

Now a gash and a big one.

Ring a bell? It should.

Loose tiles, missing tiles, gashed tiles: Whoever the contractor is on tiles, fire him — now.

And if he got the contract because he was the cheapest, fire the guy who hired him — now.

A single incident I can understand.

A tragic one that no one saw coming, I can sadly kind of understand.

But not the same incident. Not once, not twice, not three times — but every time, on every shuttle mission.

Trust me, I have enormous respect for the NASA program and its incredible history. That's why I'm so saddened by what has become so sullied.

A space exploration program that was once second to none, now second-guessed by virtually everyone.

Astronauts drunk in space, another wearing a diaper pursuing a romantic threat on Earth.

I know these are the exceptions. But here are the facts: Perceptions stick, stellar history does not. We've got a whole new generation now that sees NASA as a joke.

I know it isn't easy sending one of these things into space. But surely we can do better repeating the same damn problem every time one of them gets into space.

It destroys a reputation and imperils real peoples' lives.

No business would tolerate repeat abuses. No American should tolerate this.

NASA, you have set lofty goals and far, far, far more than not delivered. This nonsense destroys all your good, for the sake of saving some bucks on a contractor that's cost you something far more dear: your reputation and the country's.

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