DVD Shows Gruesome Violence in Middle East

Producers of a DVD called "Buried in the Sand" warn it contains graphic depictions of torture, beatings and beheadings, but they say the images need to be seen.

The film — intended in part to counter Michael Moore's (search) portrayal of pre-war Iraq in "Fahrenheit 9/11 (search)" — shows Iraqis being tortured (some at the notorious Abu Ghraib (search) prison), publicly executed or mutilated by Saddam Hussein's henchmen.

Some Iraqis are shown being killed by firing squad or sword. The video also shows victims' arms being broken, fingers and hands being chopped off and tongues cut out.

Also featured are claims by some Palestinian children saying they want to become homicide bombers and kill as many "infidels" as possible.

The decapitations of Americans Daniel Pearl (search), Nick Berg (search) and Paul Johnson (search) by Al Qaeda-linked terrorists in Pakistan and Iraq are also shown.

Shell Oil and Virgin Megastores have pulled the DVD from their shelves after getting some complaints. Shell called the movie morally offensive.

But the producer of "Buried in the Sand" says he hopes the DVD will build support for American troops and for democracy in the Middle East.

"The way these people were treated is tantamount to what was going on with the Nazis in World War II," said producer Rob Cartee. "To speak out against the regime means either death, imprisonment, or — best case scenario — having your tongue removed from your mouth.

"We elected to show exactly what goes on, exactly what these poor people throughout the Middle East have been subjected to with these horrible regimes that basically run the entire area."

The producers say their office windows were shot out in a drive-by shooting last week. But they say most of the response has been positive and that they won't be intimidated and will keep marketing the DVD in stores and on the Web.

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