Dumber and Dumber

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Enough about elections for a moment — after all, you've probably heard enough about Hillary for today; enough about Barack; enough about Mitt and John McCain, even though they're all fine people and their election drama is great.

But let me tell you about a New York story that I guarantee will be in a "Law & Order" episode sometime soon:

A guy named Virgilio Cintron, who lived here in midtown Manhattan, died in the last 24 hours.

His roommate, James O'Hare, and another pal named David Dalaia, decided since Cintron wouldn't be using his last Social Security check they'd cash it and use it for him.

They figured they had a way for Cintron to cash his own check, even though he was dead.

So they put Cintron — still dead — in a desk chair with wheels and rolled him down to the check cashing store.

Witnesses recalled seeing Cintron's head and limbs moving around in a way clearly recognizable as a dead guy.

The roommate and his pal got to the check cashing store and left Cintron in the chair sitting outside while they went in to cash the check. They figured they'd wheel Cintron in if they absolutely had to, but they were going to try to get the money without actually presenting the dead guy and trying to pretend he was still alive.

The clerk in the check cashing store said hey I know Cintron, where is he?

Meanwhile a crowd had gathered around the desk chair and Cintron's body. A cop having lunch nearby noticed the crowd. He went over to look and found the now very dead Cintron sitting in the desk chair.

About that time the roommate and the pal came out to get Cintron and try to convince the check cashing clerk that Cintron was just napping, but wanted his cash.

Result? Cintron to the morgue and the two stupid crooks to jail — felony rolling a dead guy around town in order to steal his money.

That's what was going on while you were watching election returns. You watch six weeks from now — "Law & Order."

That's My Word.

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