Duff Sisters to Record Madonna Tune

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Hilary and Haylie Duff Take the Reins

Teen pop sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff are no Hiltons, or even Olsens. They are actually talented little singer-actresses, and they're going to prove it simply by working!

I told you a couple of weeks ago that Haylie is in a feud with Paris Hilton over the song Paris "stole" from her called "Screwed." But Haylie told me last night she gets the last word on the subject.

"Paris can't release the record. She doesn't have the license on the song from the writers," Haylie informed me at the swanky party thrown last night in Santa Monica for the lavish coffee-table book "People We Know, Horses They Love" published by Rodale Press. "I have the license, and I'm putting it out."

Not only that, the Duffs, who've already covered the great Go-Gos/Fun Boy Three song "Our Lips Are Sealed," are now getting ready to record a duet on a Madonna classic for a new movie.

The song and the movie are a secret, but we can only imagine which one of Madonna's immortal hits has been chosen. My guess is it's "Like a Virgin."

I really liked meeting the Duff sisters, especially Haylie, as they turned out to be articulate and serious, not to mention snazzy dressers.

They've decided to take the high road in teen pop celebrity — no 50-year-old boyfriends or porno videos for them! You might like to know that Hilary and Haylie live in a nice house in the posh Hollywood suburb of Toluca Lake — with their mom!

Now, all of this came up in conversation because Hilary is in the "People We Know" book, part of a star-studded group including — are you ready? — Richard Gere, Dennis Quaid, Robert Redford, Christie Brinkley, Maria Shriver, Kelsey Grammer, Jack Palance, Chevy Chase, Aerosmith's Joe Perry, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, Robert Wagner and Jill St. John, Jeff Bridges and even the reclusive Hollywood legend Kim Novak.

This gorgeous book with Redford on the cover is the main choice of the Neiman Marcus catalog this Christmas as the gift to give.!

At the very elegant Casa Del Mar, authors Jill Rappaport (of the "Today" show), her sister (photographer) Linda Solomon, and Wendy Wilkinson greeted not just the Duffs, but also "Knots Landing" actor William Devane, "ER" star Noah Wyle, "Drew Carey" comedienne Kathy Kinney, plus Peter Boyle, Katherine Ross and Sam Elliott, Jane Seymour, Alfre Woodard 's horseback-riding daughter Mavis and singer-performer Teddy Richards, the son of Aretha Franklin, who's making a big name for himself these days as an artist in his own right.

Also making a rare appearance: Don and Marge Brinkley, parents of Christie, who have moved back to Beverly Hills after 15 years in Hawaii. You do know that Don Brinkley was the Dick Wolf of his day, producing such TV hits as "Trapper John, M.D." and "Medical Center" for CBS. Don was also a prolific writer for such shows as "Mannix," "The Fugitive," and "The Virginian" — in other words, a living legend who of course does not have an Emmy award!

The Brinkleys told me they have been together for 53 years — a Hollywood record, certainly. I did get to ask beautiful Marge — who's never had any plastic surgery — if it was true she lived on Champagne.

"I have a glass every day at 11 a.m.," she confirmed for me, and cited Moet, Cristal and Veuve Clicquot as her favorite brands. Folks, living well is indeed the best revenge.

Jill Rappaport, by the way, and her collaborators take their "People We Know" book campaign to New York on October 7 when Richard Gere, Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick will be among the guests at Fresco by Scotto.

That week Rappaport will not only get showcased at home on "Today," but also on "The CBS Early Show." NBC has been kind enough to give her a one-off waiver to promote the book there as well!

'Sopranos' Creator Sticks to Guns: One More Season

You'd think that winning the Emmy Award at last for Best Drama would energize "Sopranos" creator David Chase. But he told me with dead certainty on Sunday night that only more season is in the works for the popular show.

"Just one more," he said, and no more after that.

On top of that, the sixth and final season will probably not hit the airwaves until a year from now. That's right — we will have to wait 12 months to see the last chapter of "The Sopranos" play out. That does mean no Emmy consideration next September. It's a good thing "The Sopranos" won now.

This leaves HBO in a strange position, of course. They will have the just-ended season of "Six Feet Under" to submit for Emmy consideration, but a long time will have passed by then. Perhaps there will be a rerun of the qualifying episodes season next spring. (The season finale was brilliant, I'd say.)

The big question is how HBO will replenish its schedule with shows equal to "The Sopranos," "Six Feet Under" and "Sex and the City." So far "Deadwood," "The Wire," and "Carnivale" have not become national obsessions.

"Entourage" looks like it could be a break-out show, though. And "Curb Your Enthusiasm" will return this winter, giving HBO a berth in the comedy category next fall.

Meantime the cable network that became a studio powerhouse can revel a little more in its glories from this weekend, as well as its fabulous party.

How many people noticed winner Michael Imperioli's beautiful tribute to the late Nancy Marchand in his acceptance speech?

Imperioli saluted both this exceptional actress — who set the tone of "The Sopranos" playing Tony's mother for two seasons before her untimely death — and legendary film director John Cassavetes as well.

Imperioli — who writes episodes for the show, as well as playing sociopathic drug addict Christopher — is a class act all the way.

Emmy This & That: Donahue's Old Shoulder

So where was Phil Donahue on Sunday night? Marlo Thomas made a beautiful speech in memory of her legendary dad, Danny, and brought her siblings. But no Phil: He's recovering from shoulder surgery that he had in North Carolina. ...

Kelsey Grammer missed Jill Rappaport's book party (see above) because of oral surgery early in the day Tuesday. ...

Nicole Kidman at the fights in Las Vegas and dining at Koi in West Hollywood with a new male companion named Eric . ...

Did you know that David Eigenberg, who played Miranda's Steve on "Sex and the City, is an former Marine? He's also landed a guest spot on the hot new WB show "Jack and Bobby". ...

Lorraine Bracco will spend her "Sopranos" hiatus fixing up her new house in the Hamptons. She was a hero Sunday night getting all the "Sopranos" crew and cast into the Governor's Ball with extra tickets. ...

"Survivor" creator Mark Burnett, you know, lives with "Touched by An Angel" stunner Roma Downey. They showed up at the HBO do even after Burnett lost the reality show Emmy to "The Amazing Race." Next week the couple heads off to the secret location of the new "Survivor" to check on progress. It takes nine months to prepare each new venue, Burnett told me....