Ducking FOX News?

Since Eliot Spitzer won't talk to me, let me talk to him. Mr. Attorney General, let me ask you directly: Why not FOX? Why not me?

Maybe you assume I'd be tough. You're right. But I would be fair and I wouldn't be fawning. Perhaps you're used to fawning. But some other Democrats were OK with fair. Democrats like Mario Cuomo — he had no problem coming on my show. Or Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — he keeps coming on my show.

Democratic fundraiser and moneyman Gregg Hymowitz (search) is a regular part of my show. Your Democratic counterpart in Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, has been on dozens of times. So has another A.G. — California's Bill Lockyer.

Dick Gephardt was here lots. So was Tom Daschle and a pretty liberal guy you might know, Howard Dean.

Oh yes, John Kerry (search) showed up too.

And last, but by no means least, Bill Clinton (search), when he was president, as president, on this show.

Democrats all. I didn't bite them, or abuse them. I was gracious, but fair and tough with all of them. As I would be to you.

But you clearly see things differently. We've tried dozens upon dozens of times over the years to get you on this show.

You're free to blow us off. But I don't think you're free to play games.

The very honesty and forthrightness you demand in the people you assail, you have a tough time mustering yourself. I think you're very good at dishing it out, Mr. Spitzer. You seem to have a devil of a time taking it.

And now you want to be governor.

Perhaps you figure you can pick and choose your fawning interviews to that office. I don't think New Yorkers are that gullible or that stupid. They deserve more.

I have no doubt you can handle tough questions. For once, all I'm saying, is let someone ask them.

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