Dear Viewers,  

If you saw last night's show, you may wonder why it was not 2 hours as promised … it was one hour 45 minutes. That is because the rain that was coming down on top of us during the first hour and 45 minutes — we were on a roof — suddenly started coming in sideways, into my eyes, so that I could not read the teleprompter or open my eyes to look at the two brave guests next to me, Susan Estrich and Ceci Connolly.

A wind suddenly descended upon us and made it impossible to go on! We had to prevail upon my colleague Laurie Dhue in our New York bureau to rescue me. The sight of me fighting the increasingly worse weather was not something we wanted you to see. We were also a bit "concerned" about the electric heaters at our feet. None of us were in the mood to be electrocuted!

You may be wondering why we were so dumb to be sitting on a roof in the rain in the first place, I know, today it seems like a really dumb idea. I plead guilty.

I was asked at 8 p.m. whether we should pull the set inside or not since we did know the forecast. After consultation with everyone on the show, we decided to take a chance. It was obviously not raining at 8 p.m. when we made our decision — we aren't THAT stupid — and we hoped to beat the weather we knew was coming in.

We all wanted you to see the beautiful lights of Boston — not the beige wall of the hotel (my guess is that you may not have ever been to Boston to see it but that you have seen beige walls and did not "need" to see them for our two hour show).

We needed to make a decision early enough – 8 p.m. — to move the set inside if we wanted to be inside. You have seen the blog pictures of the set on the roof, so you know what a production it is to move it.

Just seconds before I took the live handoff from Brit Hume at 11:10 p.m. the rain started and it never, ever let up. My guests Ceci and Susan were really good sports to endure this. And let me beat you to your comment - yes, by show's end I DID look like a "drowned rat."


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