Dress for Success

I remember when I was just out of college I had this big job interview. My mom had just gotten me a new suit -- first suit I ever owned. Before that, I had jackets and pants, but never jackets and pants that matched.

I'll never forget what my mom said as I nervously walked out the door, "Look the part. Get the part."

P.S. I got the job.

I'm sure my scintillating personality helped, but I bet my fancy-schmancy J.C. Penney washable suit didn't hurt.

Lesson learned: What you wear has a lot to say about how you'll wear with people. I've been noticing it a lot lately.

Amber Frey (search) shows up every day at the Scott Peterson trial dressed in a simple business suit. She wants to appear serious. She looks serious. Up until now, she was just the other woman who didn't know she was the other woman. Now she's the other woman who clearly doesn't look like she would ever be the other woman.

I can't say the same for Michael Jackson (search) and his sisters showing up this week for a hearing all dressed in white. I guess the message was purity. I'm thinking Mary Poppins. But again, I'm not in California.

There was nothing ridiculous about those U.S. women volleyball players though. I think they're dressed perfectly. I don't know if they got the world's attention, but with those outfits... they sure as heck got mine!

That's why we should watch what we wear closely.

You can't tell me John Kerry doesn't regret that Woody Allen get-up he had on while visiting NASA last month. Or President Bush donning those goggles Tuesday at Boeing -- only slightly less annoying.

It's why John Kennedy refused to wear silly hats while campaigning. Even he knew back then that an image can be lost in an instant and he dressed impeccably. But I bet his suits weren't washable... like mine.

Well, we can't all be perfect.... even as we're striving to "look" perfect.

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