Dream On: Steven Tyler's Exes Get Hitched

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Dream On: Steven Tyler's Exes Get Hitched

By tomorrow, the mothers of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler's two eldest children will each have gotten remarried within days.

The first wedding, which took place Sunday, was a joyous occasion. The other, however, which will happen tomorrow, is more bittersweet.

On Sunday Bebe Buell, author of the New York Times bestseller Rebel Heart and mother of Liv Tyler, married Jim Wallerstein up in Portland, Maine. Wallerstein is the singer of the hot group Vacationland.

Liv was at her mother's side for what was only Bebe's second wedding (despite many fabled romances), along with fiancee Royston Langdon, photographer Bob Gruen, publicist Liz Derringer, and a great selection of friends and family including Bebe's mom and cousins.

"There wasn't a dry eye in the house," said Derringer, who was once married to rocker Rick Derringer and went to high school with Steven Tyler. "It was beautiful."

But down here in New York, tomorrow will mark a different occasion for the Aerosmith extended family. Cyrinda Foxe, Steven Tyler's first wife and mother of his second child, Mia, will be marrying musician Keith Waa.

But the situation is quite different. Foxe, once one of the great New York underground hot girls of the '70s, is in the final stages of terminal cancer. Her daughter Mia has been at her bedside around the clock and Tyler has been taking care of all her expenses and medical needs for some time.

But Waa, whom she's been with since before becoming ill, has also been her steadfast supporter. Their wedding will be a spiritual one, not a legal one, performed by Kathy Freston, wife of MTV head Tom Freston and a mediation counselor. The few guests will include Mia, Liz Derringer, Jane Holzer, Bob Gruen, and possibly actress Patti D'Arbanville -- sort of the last round up of the gang from the old Max's Kansas City.

Ironically, Aerosmith is featured this Sunday on VH-1's Behind the Music. I don't know if the producers had the time to include all these latest developments.

Jacko Not 'Attached' to MTV Awards

There's a rumor going around that Michael Jackson may make a surprise appearance on Thursday night at the MTV Video Music Awards. If he makes it, he may also miss a court appearance Friday morning in Los Angeles. That's when a hearing is now scheduled in the matter of his former business manager Myung Ho Lee, who's suing Jackson for $12 million plus interest.

Originally the hearing was supposed to be Thursday morning, but this afternoon both sides agreed to the Friday postponement. At the hearing a judge will decide if Lee can attach Jackson's assets in advance of winning his suit. I don't know if the $27,000 gold sarcophagus Jackson is said to have bought in Las Vegas last week would be included in those assets.

One of the items that may be discussed in Lee's hearing on Friday is a $600,000 loan Jackson made to someone named Dominic Cascio of Franklin Lakes, N.J., last year. Correspondence about the loan is included in Lee's court papers. Cascio is said to be the father of Jackson's 21-year-old sidekick and assistant Frank Tyson, who signed an affidavit swearing that for the last five years -- since he was 16 -- he'd seen Michael sign a lot of checks. The loan was for a restaurant called Francesco's Restaurant and Grill, but dozens of phone calls and background checks turned up no such place in New Jersey. Cascio has been described in the past as a hotel owner with four sons whom Jackson befriended in the early '90s.

"They're like his second family," a source said. "Michael spends all his holidays with them."

More on all of this after Friday's hearing...

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