Double Standard in the Mainstream Media?

I'm not here to take sides, just take notice.

Did you catch Tony Snow's press conference today? Not surprisingly, almost all questions on John Kerry. But somewhat surprising, to me at least, almost none critical of John Kerry. After all, the senator made the stupid comment. But the press somehow turned it around that it was the White House making a stupid issue of it.

Let me cut to some reporters' themes:

Kerry didn't mean what he said.

It's clear he didn't intend to diss U.S. troops.

It's clear the administration is making hey over this.

Most are cutting Kerry slack — that's fine. Here's what isn't: Dick Cheney not applying the same kind standard to the vice president after that infamous hunting accident. Those pressers were doozies.

I don't recall any reporter giving the V.P. the benefit of the doubt on that one. One wondered aloud whether it "was" an accident. Another whether Cheney's failure to go public and apologize showed how tone deaf administration figures were.

So Cheney was tone deaf. Kerry is misunderstood. Folks, that's all you need to know. Never mind the vice president was in constant contact with his friend. No reporter cut him slack for that. Every reporter, it seems, cutting John Kerry plenty of slack for this.

Me? I'm for cutting slack for all. But cutting out the one-sided crap...first. But again, that's just me.

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