Don't Cry for Dan Rather

So everyone's feeling sorry for Dan Rather.

Forty-four years at CBS, then wham-bam, not even a thank you, ma'am.

He's out. He's gone. He's ticked.

There's talk now, that maybe he's even going to sue.

For what? For not keeping him another 44 years?


Forgive me, but I don't feel sorry for Dan.

Forty-four years for one employer — that's pretty good. And 44 largely lucrative years at that — that's very good.

You know what's not good? Thinking Dan's a victim.

You want to know victims? Look at Delta pilots taking up to a 50 percent pay cut.

Look at Delphi machinists, taking a pension cut.

Look at thousands of G.M. workers, taking something worse: a job cut.

Look at the tens of thousands of everyday folks who'd be grateful to work at a place 44 months, let alone 44 years.

Dan has his millions. They have nothing. So forgive them if they fret not for Dan.

Forgive them if they quite rightly look at us TV types for what we are: overpaid prima donnas who think we're the center of the universe and talk and write about ourselves as if we "are" the universe.

News flash: we are not.

We are but passing ratings thieves in the night. They're good, we're good. They're not, we're not.

Even there, Dan was lucky — downright blessed. Mercifully kept on by his employer even when his ratings stunk.

So for all the folks criticizing CBS, I'd give them a medal at CBS!

Feel sorry for Dan? I think most Americans would do anything to have one day — just one day — "being" Dan! At least Dan leaves with a pot to take his money in. Most are lucky if they had a pot to do something else in.

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