Dominican Woman Has Sextuplets

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A woman in the Dominican Republic gave birth to the first sextuplets ever recorded in this Caribbean country, a hospital official said Tuesday.

Maxima Perez, 33, gave birth by cesarean section to three male and three female infants in Plaza de la Salud medical center in the capital, Santo Domingo, on Monday.

The infants, who weighed about 2 pounds each, were under observation in an incubator. One of the boys was being helped to breathe artificially, said hospital spokeswoman Dashira Martinez.

Perez and her husband, Emilio Figuero, 32, work in a haircare product factory and already have a 5-year-old daughter. After deciding to have a second child, the couple underwent fertility treatment, Martinez said.

Multiple births are increasingly frequent in this country of 8.8 million people.