Does Gitmo Matter?

What if today, we let everyone at Gitmo (search)... go? What if we just let them wander?

That seems to be the clarion call. But there's one question that's important to ask: What if we're attacked again?

Would we worry so much about how prisoners are treated or how we are treated?

Would we fret over their rights to be free or our rights to live?

Would we be obsessing so much about how we treat those who don't like us or worry more about the damage done by those who really don't like us?

If we were attacked on our soil, would we relish keeping their perpetrators on our soil?

Somehow, I doubt it.

The amazing thing about time is it dulls our senses and eases our hearts. It makes it easier to forget loved ones who die and it makes it harder to let grudges live.

There's some value in that, as long as we never forget that we were hit and we were hurt.

My only fear is that we worry more about those who sympathize with the monsters who ram planes into buildings, than honor the memory of those who never made it out of those buildings.

We're more inclined to look after the needs of those who hate us than to consider for a moment our friends who have long left us.

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