Does Criticizing the 'Ground Zero Mosque' Make You a Bigot?

So today I got a press release from something called Faith in Public Life.

It begins: "As hateful rhetoric and fear-mongering about the Park51 Islamic Center in lower Manhattan creates a growing climate of hate and violence toward American Muslims, prominent religious leaders and national security experts will join together… to denounce growing Islamophobia and to urge the development of the New York community center..."

And it goes on forever but I'm stopping there. At this point, I have to ask myself: Am I hate-monger? Is my mom a fear-monger? Does 70 percent of America hate and fear-monger for fun?

I mean, when you're talking about people who have problems with the mosque, those people are them.

So again, I ask the folks who smugly dismiss mosque opponents: Do you believe that every single person against the mosque is a bigot? Because that's a huge number, and it includes me, my mom, many friends (from both sides of the political aisle), also blacks, whites, Hispanics, Jews… even Muslims. But oddly, no griffins.

So are they all hateful bigots? Or do you think some might have a legitimate reason for their opinion?

You know it's true. You know there's a legit reason for being pissed, but you ignore it. And I wanna know why, cuz maybe you can convince me that I'm wrong.

Look, we all agree with the right to build the mosque. But I can still say it's a jerky thing to do. Like I said, annoying someone is legal, but it still makes you annoying.

But if your response is, "Greg, you just don't like Muslims," then screw you. Instead of clinging to this bigotry BS to skirt debate, just meet me on a field of common sense. And who knows, you might win.

And if you don't, you're a racist, homophobic, Islamophobic arachnophobe.

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