Do It Yourself

The Europeans are angry at us. First for doing too much in the Middle East. Now, apparently for not doing enough.

No less than The Economist editorializes, "George Bush's cavalier approach to foreign policy is one-sided and simplistic."

May I offer you an alternative? Do it yourself. If your ideas are so grand, have at it and get to it. You don't like the way we're trying to negotiate a peace in the Middle East, you try it.You don't like the way we're trying to rid the world of terrorists, you do it. And you don't like the way we carry the world's economic ills on our shoulder, you have a go at it.

It isn't easy.

I don't know which is worse, dealing with lethal enemies we can't see or supposed friends we can. Friends who now want to place tariffs on everything from U.S. Steel and citrus to rice and clothing.

Why, pray tell? Because we had the gall to call their bluff and respond to ridiculously subsidized European steel coming into this country.

I say, enough Europe.

I say, the next time some terrorists go after you, don't go looking to us. The next time some socialist spender wants to tax you to the wall, don't look to us to foot the bill.

There are a lot of things we do wrong in this country. One of them is doing too much for other countries. I don't expect a thank you. But I certainly don't expect a "screw you."

Especially after we give you a hand and in return all we get, is a finger.

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