Do Certain Democrats Have Too Much Invested in Losing Iraq War?

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A bit of Iraq news today. It appears that the surge may not only be causing trouble for insurgents in Iraq, but also causing trouble for Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Rep. Jim Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina, is quoted by The Washington Post as saying that a positive report on the surge from Gen. Petraeus in September is going to cause "unity problems" for Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Translation: If we're winning, some conservative-minded Democrats won't want to quit Iraq as quickly as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would like. Those Dems will think, if we're winning, why surrender?

Would it be too much to suggest that certain other Democrats — like Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, Feingold — have way, way too much invested in losing this war? The idea we could win the war cuts the ground from under them.

Some Democrats need us to lose for their own political purposes. They have already told the country we are losing, and they need to blame Bush and Cheney for losing. So something like winning, such as a good surge report, is simply bad news from the war front for some Democrats.

If we can believe Clyburn, some Blue Dog Democrats — more conservative than others — don't carry their disdain for Bush to the extreme that they need their country to lose a war. For that they should be commended.

But what about the others who are not that sensible? What should we say about politicians who actually fear a good report on the surge? Whose nightly prayers are evidently that their county lose a war because otherwise they might lose an election? Oh the panic, oh the terror! Win the war?

Believe it or not there are Americans for whom that is very, very bad news. You wonder how they sleep, unless it's upside down in a cave. Vampires don't have trouble sleeping.

That's My Word.

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