Do as President Says, Not as He Does?

And President Obama wonders why his poll numbers are down. It's not that people don't like you, Mr. President; increasingly, I don't think they trust you.

Not when you say you're all for transparency, but push a financial reform law that excludes the SEC from being transparent.

Not when you rail against the secrets of the Bush administration about Iraq, but seem perfectly fine keeping folks in the dark about their money.

Not when you promise on s stack of Bibles that everyone pays their fair share for health care reform, but omit the inconvenient truth that your union buddies get a pass on paying anything for health care reform.

Not when you say every dollar you spend is paid for, but push more than $30 billion in extended unemployment benefits for which zero is paid for.

Not when you say all tax cuts extended must be paid for, but leave out the tiny detail only the ones for those greedy fat cat Republicans want to keep must be paid for.

Not when you say stimulus checks to dead people won't happen again under your watch, but say nothing of the thousands that went out to prison inmates just a few months later, also under your watch.

Not when you say there are no special exceptions to Washington belt-tightening, unless you slap an "emergency" label on it, and thus leave it exempt from Washington belt-tightening.

It strains your credibility, Mr. President, each time you strain the truth, and strain us.

You talk a good game, but I've come to discover something: It's a game and, right about now, you're looking no better than a game show host.

You said you'd be different and you're not. You're not tumbling in the polls because people don't love you. Mr. President, they just don't believe you.

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