Diverse, Intriguing Show

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It was a diverse, intriguing show from my side of the camera. Hope you sensed the same from your side of the flat screen.

I could not believe we had the chance to talk with country legend Garth Brooks, Clinton biographer Sally Bedell Smith and review the latest in-fun attack from Jon Stewart. I had the chance to interview Sally myself and she did say off-camera Bill Clinton read her book and said it was devastating!

I was surprised how much Hillary Clinton's debate performance Tuesday played a role in Thursday's show. The questions from Tim Russert and Brian Williams seemed to have given her opponents a place to attack: Non-answers on Iran, taxes, her White House records and — most of all — immigration were noted by all, from The Washington Post to The New York Times.

Also, we were able to lead with good news, a judgment on the case against the evil church from Kansas (Westboro) that found them libel to pay the family of slain Marine Matt Snyder $11 million. How dare they demonstrate against America and these servicemen. Hope this stops them in their tracks — but sadly I doubt it.

Finally, thanks so much for sending in your home sports video clips on the uReport section of www.foxnews.com. If we use the video you get my book, "It's How You Play the Game" and yes, I will sign it. For those who want their copy personalized for the holidays, just go to www.BrianKilmeade.com.

Thanks so much for keeping us No. 1 in the morning.


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