Discounting Average Americans

It always amazes me the number of experts who say they have average Americans figured out.

You know the ones I'm talking about.

The ones who derisively refer to average investors as the last to get a clue and the last out the door. The ones who say the little guy always misses the bigger picture. The ones who say average Americans have a short attention span.

And the ones who were saying last September that sure, Americans were showing patriotism, but it wouldn't last long.

Well, experts, allow me to say I've got you figured out.

You're clueless and arrogant. You're not only out to lunch, you're apparently staying for dinner. But now it's those average Americans who are eating your lunch and forcing you to eat your own words.

On the markets: they stuck it out while you just ducked out.

On the economy: they were buying, while you were crying.

And on this patriotism thing, they were rallying, while you were pontificating.

And here's the kicker, you Lords of Mount Olympus, they're still rallying.

Contrary to your prediction that our resolve would waver, proof today, it has only gotten stronger. A new FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll across a broad section of this great country shows more Americans approve of our military campaign than even right after the attacks last September. Back then 89 percent supported our war on terror. Today, it's 90 percent.

So much for losing guts.

You experts could learn a thing or two from average folks. What most lack in clout or money, they more than make up for in heart and passion.

You see, sometimes greatness is defined not by those who judge prematurely, but by those who don't judge at all.

Not by people who think they're great because they like to tear others down, but by those who are great, precisely because they don't.

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