Diner Served Finger in TGI Friday's Burger

A diner found a piece of human flesh on his hamburger shortly after a restaurant worker accidentally cut his finger, and a spokeswoman said the company was "very, very sorry."

A kitchen manager at the TGI Friday's at College Mall injured himself Tuesday and no one immediately realized he had lost part of his finger while others rushed to help him, said Amy Freshwater, a spokeswoman for the chain.

"The manager didn't even know it happened until he got to the hospital," she said.

Another staff member served the plate to a customer, who immediately spotted the piece of flesh.

The manager was treated at Bloomington Hospital and lost only a small piece of his finger, according to Freshwater.

"We absolutely acknowledge the seriousness of this incident, and we are very, very sorry that this occurred," she said.

The restaurant has been in contact with the customer, Freshwater said.

The diner called police, but an officer told him that it was not a criminal matter, Detective Sgt. David Drake said.