Different Paychecks, Familiar Story

So Stanley O'Neal is likely out at Merrill Lynch. And Alex Rodriguez is likely gone from the New York Yankees.

Different fields. Different paychecks.

But familiar story.

Those who no doubt thought they were the team, given a heave-ho from the team.

Teams they dominated. Teams they wowed. Until they didn't. Until very recently, actually.

The last six weeks did in O'Neal. The last three weeks, I suspect, did in Rodriguez.

A little mortgage mess cost O'Neal. Another post-season debacle cost Rodriguez.

So let me be clear. This isn't about the money. Merrill has lots of that. And so do the Yankees.

What neither seems to have lots of is patience. For a CEO who can't escape bad press. And a star player who can't escape himself.

It hurts. Whether you're the CEO who was once all that. Or the star player who thought you were worth all that and more.

Until the CEO is told "goodbye." And the star player is told "good luck."

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