What's the difference between a snow storm and Washington? Put another way, between a blizzard of white stuff and a blizzard of green stuff?

Well, the white stuff we can shovel away. The green stuff they just shovel back.

Here's the difference though: The white stuff eventually melts. The green stuff does not. It just keeps piling on, and on, and on. Monday, more than $30 billion on to a company called AIG — our bucks to the same firm that's already gotten more than $100 billion of our bucks. Apparently, to little avail, because it just reported the biggest quarterly loss of any company anywhere in the history of man.

I want you to consider something: AIG lost about $100 billion over the last year. Again, what we have given them in the past year.

Now, where's the real snow job? Don't look to Mother Nature. Do look to Uncle Sam, because with Mother Nature, you can dig out, with Uncle Sam, we only seem to dig in.

Eventually if you're digging a pit, you have to put the shovel down and look around. Only in Washington can you dig a pit and double down, now doubling the deficit. And at the rate we're going, doubling these rescues too — rescues that show no rescuing; bailouts that themselves have to be bailed out.

If I sound like a worn weatherman, it's because I keep warning about the same storm, and no one listens.

Well, take a look outside, my friends. It's snowing, and we're out of shovels. But worse, out of ideas. And Congress? Just out of its mind.

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