Did Microsoft Duck Cavuto Again?

Microsoft's MSN network will offer a new high-speed Internet service over Verizon's 34 million DSL access lines. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the combo will create a "must have" Internet service.

Now, some of you have been e-mailing and calling the show about why Fox has not gotten an interview with Microsoft officials on this subject. I guess I owe you an explanation. As incredible as it sounds, we've been dissed again. Microsoft chose two other venues, and not Fox, to discuss this venture.

The company's PR firm handling requests says it was simply a timing issue, even though one network's interview was a pre-tape — something that wasn't offered to this correspondent.

All this could be true and I kind of doubt people as high up as Steve Ballmer or Bill Gates even know about these things, or care. But I sure as hell do.

I owe you folks an explanation when a big newsmaker doesn't make it on my show. A lot of you watch me for who I have on. Frankly, I should be frank with you when I don't have them on.

I think I'm getting the shaft here. More to the point, so is all of Fox, for whatever reason.

So, if you're as ticked off about this as I am, you're free to let the company's interview coordinator know.

Her name is Marcy Simon and you can reach her at marcy@gctv.com

Her telephone number is 212 339-9920.

Or contact Microsoft as well and let them know how you feel. You can call them at 425 882-8080.

Believe me, a company is free to go anywhere it pleases to make an announcement. I'm a big boy. If you hate me, or Fox, just say so. Just don't give me bogus excuses. I'm not that dumb and neither are the good people who watch me.

People are free to not talk to me. And I'm free to tell you why.