Diana's Heart Surgeon Ex-Beau: Princess Denied There Was Someone Else During Breakup

The heart surgeon who had a long relationship with Princess Diana said she denied there was anyone else when she broke up with him after seeing the Fayed family in France, a coroner's jury heard on Monday.

Surgeon Hasnat Khan has refused to testify at the coroner's inquest into the 1997 deaths of Diana and boyfriend Dodi Fayed, but the jury heard a statement that he made to London's Metropolitan Police.

Khan said the relationship ended after Diana's first visit to France as a guest of the Fayed family in July 1997. He said Diana did not seem "her normal self" and he thought she had "met someone else from the Mohamed al Fayed contingent."

"I did not know who it was. It could have been a bodyguard or anyone," said Khan. "I was surprised when she said there was no one else.

"At a second meeting, she said it was all over between us, but she denied there was anyone else."

He said he was unaware of her romance with Dodi Fayed until he heard about the couple's death in a car crash in Paris on Aug. 31, 1997.

Rosa Monckton, who joined Diana on an Aug. 15-20 holiday in Greece, testified earlier that she believed Diana "was really missing Hasnat and that I think Dodi was a distraction from the hurt that she felt from the breakup of that relationship."

Diana's butler, Paul Burrell, testified that she referred to Khan as "the one," a term she used for no one else.