Devastating Aftermath

I can't believe two full days after the hurricane hits, the questions about death and destruction in Katrina's (search) wake can't be answered. It's true. The levee breaches and cracks and the race to stop the flood could decide whether New Orleans survives or not. I picture an Apollo 13 type desperate meeting of the minds in a race against time and water to solve the swelling water problem. Arguably this is the most pressure the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (search) has ever been under!!

What I found especially compelling and jarring about following this story from the safety of New York City in the morning is the way in which daylight slowly reveals the scope of the damage and human anguish as the show rolls forward. One hit with Phil Keating shows a barely visible Superdome and the next one shows hundreds sleeping in the street below the mammoth structure. Not sure why Steve Harrigan has not joined our show but hope to have him tomorrow. Rick Leventhal was his usual stellar self from Biloxi.

Our staff did a great job grabbing the latest video from rooftop rescues to governors and senators from the regions most affected.

Gretchen Carlson took over for Kiran Chetry, who was called in for a 5 a.m. show, and they were both awesome. For me, it was interesting working with Gretchen for the first time, but it was pretty clear she likes Steve better. More on that in the next blog. I have a chance to win her back on Thursday. Just found out I will be working this Sunday on FOX and Friends Weekend and Steve, I think, is spelling Mike Jerrick on Saturday.

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