"Saturday Night Live" alum Rob Schneider (search) is following up on his 1999 surprise hit, "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo," this time taking his character overseas.

"The audience grew up a little bit, the kids who saw the first one — who snuck into the first one — are 17 now. Let's go and let 'em have a fun ride," Schneider told FOX News.

"Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" (search), which opens this weekend, continues the adventures of the hapless, clueless aquarium cleaner Deuce Bigalow.

This time, he's trying to help prove that his old friend and pimp did not murder a series of famous European gigolos, or "man-whores."

"It's a travelogue — you get to go to someplace else. It's a beautiful country in Amsterdam and you get to meet the European Union of 'man-whores' — how often do you get to do that?" Schneider said.

As in "Male Gigolo," Deuce's dates include a frighteningly tall woman, but there's also a lady with a hunchback, another with enormous ears and another who speaks with a microphone through a hole in her trachea.

Associated Press movie critic Christy Lemire is not amused, giving the film one star out of four.

"'European Gigolo' ... is a nearly rote remake of the original movie ... and though it sounds impossible, it's even cruder and less coherent than the first. But what else would you expect? You don't walk into A Happy Madison Production for the intellectual stimulation," she wrote.

Lemire says the humor is supposed to be outrageous but instead falls flat.

"The most crass [joke] of all is a Russian woman whose mother was exposed to nuclear radiation at Chernobyl while she was pregnant. The daughter has male genitalia in the place of a nose, which she covers by wearing a veil; let's just say that when she sneezes, that's not snot flying across the restaurant and into people's food.

"The bit is not offensive — it's just plain yucky. Far more disturbing is the homophobic vibe that permeates the whole picture."

But Schneider thinks sustaining the raunchy, crude humor will help his movie at the box office.

"I think this is the summer of rated-R comedies. Like 'Wedding Crashers,'" he told "FOX and Friends."

The Associated Press and FOX News' Mike Waco contributed to this report.