Dennis the Menace

So Dennis won't be a Democratic menace, after all. Did anyone ever really think otherwise?

Did anyone ever really think that the notoriously erratic liberal Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich wouldn't support his only slightly less erratic liberal president and, after a nice trip on Air Force One, say no to his president?

Did anyone ever really think that just because this crafty representative voted against health care in the House last fall because it wasn't generous enough, would vote no to a slightly more generous plan and still claim it's not enough?

Please, enough.

Look, Dennis Kucinich is many things: an idiot ain't one of them. He knew darn well his first no vote back then would elevate him to political rock star status since then. That he'd have to be wined and dined, cajoled and coddled -- even if it meant doing all of the above on Air Force One.

Like I said, and told Dennis myself on air, he is no fool.

My hat's off to the guy for developing on Capitol Hill what he never could on the presidential campaign trail: relevance. He matters. The left matters. The extreme, sometimes goofy left matters more.

So ask yourself this: Who's the bigger goofball: The nut you're trying to nail down or the guy flying him on Air Force One to make sure he is?

That's why Dennis ain't dumb, but Dennis is a menace.

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